RRP ISA Survey Results

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    Educational Sweet Spot

    Kudos to Nventa Biopharmaceuticals Corp. (maker of HspE7) for their work in developing innovative therapeutics for the treatment of viral infections, with a focus on diseases caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) AND for the educational information presented on their website on "Serious HPV-Related Diseases" including Head and Neck Cancers and Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis. It's nice to see a pharmaceutical company taking the lead in educating the public that HPV causes more than cervical cancer.

    The statistics are staggering as reported on their website: The majority of HPV-positive tumors contained the “high risk” HPV types 16 (70-90 percent) and 18 (5-34 percent, depending on location); Among head and neck sites, HPV was most often detected in tumors of the oropharynx (33-39 percent), followed by the oral cavity (22-25 percent) and larynx (22-26 percent). These cancers are treated with surgery and with primary radiation therapy.