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    Newsletter 2/7/08

    Dear RRP Community,

    (1) Our new website (www.rrpwebsite.org) is cooler than cool, and it is very, very powerful. People reporting in have said the website is easy to navigate and chock full of information. We are very pleased with the feedback. Check the website out. We think you'll like it.

    We know that some people on the listserve, which we do not participate in, have been posting somewhat dubiously on artemisinin; some have even been asking about where our RRP Support Tribe has gone to. These individuals would do well to check www.rrpwebsite.org or else be gently pointed in that direction by those who do participate in the listserv.

    We definitely urge all RRP patients and healthcare professionals to read RRP ISA's summary presentation at the 2007 RRP Focus Session (http://rrpwebsite.org/index.cfm/fuseaction/category.display/
    ). If you have read "about" our presentation elsewhere, you may be somewhat surprised at what was left out.

    A few people have written in telling us their doctors never heard of artemisinin. We have posted an article covering this situation: http://rrpwebsite.org/index.cfm/

    We also have many informative articles on artemisinin under Learn>Novel Therapies. (Make sure your javascript is turned on in your browsers as this will enhance the "menu experience.")

    We haven't skimped on providing primary source material and URLs from experts. Our citations range from scientific/medical journals to an unusually astute post on Wikipedia.

    The "In the News" feature on the right sidebar is expanding, with yet more articles. It's a good way to keep up with what's happening, but you will also want to revisit the website's other articles from time to time.

    You can find the date of each article at the bottom of the page (you don't need to reread the page unless the date has changed since your last read).

    (2) Initially, we had some minor problems with our Message Board. They seem to be resolved now, and we invite your comments if you experience any problems in the future.

    To get the the Message Board, simply look for "RRP Message Board" in the left sidebar on any page but the home page, or in the second icon on the bottom left half of the home page. Additionally, you can get to it by navigating to Communicate>RRP Message Board.

    We have posted some "starter" topics under the various categories. You can personalize your bio and add photos or avatars.

    We hope that the new Message Board becomes as frequently trafficked as the older ones that we have taken down.

    If you get this in your e-mail, that's great. If not, it means we don't have your proper e-mail. To get that right, please register for the message board and we will add you to our list.

    (3) Our RRP survey respondents will soon be able to be redone by users who filled out a previous survey. (Actually, new survey-takers can already do that, but we will be adding that capacity to older surveys and that should occur in the next month or two.) Artemisinin and Gardasil will also be listed as treatmeant strategies at the time we revise the survey. These changes will enable us to gather even better and more up-to-date data.

    (4) We fired PayPal after spending nearly 10 hours over two days trying to get hold of technical support. We will be installing a new Donate button very, very soon (next project). Meanwhile, please feel free to send checks through the mail if you are moved to donate and support our work. We thank you in advance.

    This, then, is our Valentine's Day gift to the RRP community.

    Toward that end, we wish you the very best in health and healing.

    Michael Green, MSW, LICSW
    President and Executive Director
    International RRP ISA Center
    PO Box 4330
    Bellingham, WA. 98227
    Phone: (360)756-8185

    RRP ISA is a non-profit, charitable 501(c)(3) corporation,  Federal ID 91-2156850.