RRP ISA Survey Results

    (Important Disclaimer)


    The Question of Medical Supervision

    Some of you have complained that your physicians have never heard of artemisinin or that they accepted at face value whatever was said by Merck about the therapeutic efficacy of Gardasil.

    We suggest printing out the links we put in the website and showing the printed material to your physician. We're understandably proud of our documentation, and you can use that to your advantage in speaking with your health care professional.

    You also need to look the documentation over yourself. Staff at RRP ISA are not medical professionals and cannot offer medical advice. We ask patients o consult their physicians for medical advice.

    Most physicians in the West, however, will have never even heard of artemisinin.

    Moreover, if you or your physicians first insist upon answers to all of the questions we might want to ask about the use of Gardasil and/or artemisinin--if that is your criteria for trying this approach--then you would do well to check back in, say, ten years.

    Is there a contradiction here? Not really. Our intent is not to refer people to their physicians with "a wink and a nod." People absolutely should consult with their physicians in all aspects of their medical care. That said, you're still your own person. We are inviting you to connect the dots using your own good judgment.

    We do wish to voice some special cautionary concerns about children whose parents are contemplating starting them on ART. There may be no danger here, but there is no data on how the small airways in children will respond to artemisinin and artesunate. Even if there is no inflammation in adults, there might be (???) in children. We don't know if the airway could be compromised because of swelling, for example. Children absolutely need to be monitored by a physician for reasons stated in Learn>Novel Therapies>Guidelines.

    Whatever you decide, we wish you the very best of luck.