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    We've known about this for about a year, but here's the actual trial information/details. It was just released on 1/9/07: www.anzctr.org.au/trialSearch.aspx.

    Since RRP ISA is INTERNATIONAL in scope, and since there are a number of members from the land down under, I think this is worth posting - oh, and its a VLP vaccine.

    This is Dr. Ian Frazer's brain child. He is also one of the main honchos behind the Merck prophylactic VLP vaccine known as Gardasil.

    Dr. Frazer has written me to indicate that phase 1 is complete and he's moved on to phase 2. Am not sure of the outcome for phase 1, but he does indicate that this RRP vaccine is like Gardasil without the adjuvant.



    Dr. Ian Frazer, who is widely considered to be a brilliant HPV scientist and whose immunological research with HPV VLPs (viral like particles) directly led to the development of Merck's Gardasil (its new HPV vaccine), has announced the opening of two RRP treatment protocols using a newly developed HPV6/11 therapeutic vaccine that reportedly had been previously used on a very small number of patients with some success in China. The two protocols are being conducted in Brisbane and China and will start shortly.

    The therapeutic vaccine uses VLPs without adjuvant, since Dr. Frazer states that studies show that the alum which works well in prophylactic vaccines disables cytotoxic effects when used in therapeutic vaccines. Not everybody agrees that VLPs are the best agents to use in treating HPV disease, however. We are currently engaged in a lively discussion regarding these matters within RRP ISA's nine member scientific advisory committee.

    We called Dr. Frazer in Australia about a week ago and wish him the very best in his upcoming RRP treatment protocols.