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    How You Can Help

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    How You Can Help

    Empowering Patients

    by Kathy Blankenship


    This article written by Nancy Brinker, sister of Susan G. Komen, encourages patients to become a partner in their care and take charge of their treatment.

    It points out that breast cancer patients and survivors have changed the clinical landscape by raising hundreds of millions of dollars for research. The author also mentions witnessing the power of patients in changing how an entire country deals with the disease raising awareness in a society in which the disease was discussed in whispers. These things are possible when patients become empowered. RRP patients can and should think about how we can do that.

    I find this quote from the article inspiring "In the United States and around the world, we have to continue to be brave enough to beat this disease. Patients have to be brave enough to take full ownership of their health and demand the care they want. Providers have to be brave enough to fully embrace patients as true partners."

    This rings true for RRP patients, and I'm thankful that RRP ISA gives us the tools to do just that.

    "... arm yourself with information, insist on a greater voice in healthcare decisions, demand new treatments, and fight for the research that leads to the cure."