RRP ISA Survey Results

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    "Oral sex, including both fellatio and cunnilingus, is the main mode of transit for oral HPV infection, the investigators say, although mouth-to-mouth transmission remains possible and was not ruled out by the current study."

    This quote applies as well to Adult Onset RRP (AORRP), except in cases where patient had it as a child but didn't know it.

    The are no surprise here, at least to the RRP community. The connection between oral sex and HPV in AORRP was suggested over a decade ago by Drs. Hoskins Kashima and Tom Broker.

    Juvenile Onset RRP comes from HPV passed to be new-born at birth from the mother. We have heard MANY mothers vigorously protest that possibility, saying they did not have genital warts. Until just a few years ago, there was no test, however, that could definitively rule out HPV in the genital tract. Subclinical HPV, unfortunately, has been more common than not, and all it takes is a subclinical infection with no warts showing to cause RRP in the baby.

    It's not like HPV comes down from heaven like storks and Mother Goose. Our society was just too puritanical to connect the dots till now .

    It's too bad that FEAR and SENSATIONALISM have been the main motivators in journalistic coverage of HPV, rather than an enlightened call to arms to find a CURE. We won't tread into political waters here, but if anyone wants to know where the money for the latter would come from, just imagine what several BILLION dollars a MONTH could do that was directed to humanitarian efforts on the home front .