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    About Us

    Scientific Advisory Panel

    RRP ISA consults regularly with the Scientific Advisory Panel and it also sends it grant applications for review. Those in the medical and research communities may recognize some prominent names in this Panel's membership list:

    1. Robert Bastian, MD (otolaryngologist) 
    2. Vincent Bonagura, MD (Chief of Immunology and Allergy, Albert Einstein College of Medicine HPV researcher) 
    3. Tom Broker, PhD (President International Papillomavirus Society, Univ. of Ala., molecular biologist) 
    4. Farrel Buchinsky, MD (otolaryngologist) 
    5. Ben Heath, PhD (geneticist) 
    6. Robert Horlick, PhD (pharmaceutical researcher, molecular biologist) 
    7. Lisa Orloff, MD (Univ. of Calif. otolaryngologist) 
    8. Tomikazu Sasaki, PhD (Associate Professor at the Department of Chemistry, Univ. of Washington, artemisinin researcher)
    9. Keerti Shah, PhD (HPV researcher and professor, Johns Hopkins emeritus, molecular biologist) 
    10. Richard Schegel, MD, PhD (Chief of Pathology, Georgetown University, HPV researcher) 
    11. Narendra P. Singh, M.D. (India) (Associate Professor of Bioengineering at the Univ. of Washington, artemisinin researcher) 
    12. Bettie Steinberg, PhD (Chief Scientific Officer, Feinstein Institute, HPV molecular biologist)