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    News About HPV

    Sanford Foundation Initiative

    If HPV were chosen as part of the Sanford Project, researchers would try to cure HPV-related diseases through developing a therapeutic vaccine. ... http://www.argusleader.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?

    This is RRP ISA's response letter to Sanford on the importance of choosing HPV.

    by Michael Green

    Gardasil Considered No Longer "Worth It"

    I would not so gently suggest that much of this very adverse publicity is due to the very spotty efforts that Merck itself has made relative to education on how HPV is not just a "women's disease," but a disease that affects all of us.


    by Michael Green

    Avesthagen partners with ShigaMediX to develop vaccines for cervical cancer

    India’s leading knowledge based Life Sciences Company, Avesthagen Limited recently signed a Letter of Intent with Paris based ShigaMediX SAS. The partnership will result in developing a novel therapeutic vaccine against HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), which causes cervical cancer.
    by Maharashtra Mumbai

    Clueless on STDs, Throat Cancer, and Oral Sex

    HPV causes a variety of devastating diseases including cancer and RRP. What more incentive do people need to take Gardasil, which is said to prevent HPV infection at a nearly 100% level of reliability?
    by Bernadine Healy M.D.

    HPV Today (winter 2008 newsletter)

    Download "HPV Today." PDF
    by HPV Today

    Tattooing improves response to DNA vaccine

    DNA-vaccination via tattooing induces stronger humoral and cellular immune responses than intramuscular delivery supported by molecular adjuvants
    by BioMed Central