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    Scientists develop new cancer-killing compound (ART at Univ. of WA.)

    The new compound [ART development] puts a novel twist on the common anti-malarial drug artemisinin, which is derived from the sweet wormwood plant (Artemisia annua L). Sweet wormwood has been used in herbal Chinese medicine for at least 2,000 years, and is eaten in salads in some Asian countries. Researchers at the University of Washington have updated a traditional Chinese medicine to create a compound that is more than 1,200 times more specific in killing certain kinds of cancer cells than currently available drugs, heralding the possibility of a more effective chemotherapy drug with minimal side effects.
    by Rachel Tompa

    RRP ISA/RRPF Joint Letter on Artemisinin

    As previously stated on both our websites, RRP ISA and the RRPF wrote a letter to the RRP Task Force regarding researching Artemisinin. In response, the minutes to the RRP Task Force meeting show the following:

    FEMA trailers toxic, tests show


    Of interest to New Orleans refugees.

    by LA Times

    Pulmonary RRP (Tarceva and Celebrex)

    Celebrex reportedly potentiates Tarceva, which Dr. Renato Martins at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (formerly Fred Hutchinson Cancer Institute) has said can be quite helpful with pulmonary RRP based on one case study.
    by RRP ISA

    Nventa completes evaluation of second cohort in HspE7 Phase 1 cervical dysplasia trial

    HspE7 Well-Tolerated; Safety Evaluation Allows Advancement to Third Cohort.
    by Nventa

    Artemisinin & Gardasil Success Story + Updates

    I wanted to call out a success story with respect to the combination of artemisinin and gardasil, because I have seen very little additional information with respect to this topic.
    by Keith