RRP ISA Survey Results
    Professionals & Researchers

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    Professionals & Researchers

    Grant -Making

    RRP ISA has supported several research initiatives in the past, including a peptide study (Long Island Jewish Medical Center and Dr. Farrel Buchinsky's "Genetics of RRP" study at Allegheny General Hospital.

    We have investigated a number of research projects, including those relating to AAV2, Advaxis, Amolimigene, HAMLET, artemisinin, Avastin, HDP-cidofovir, Mage-3, Thwart, Xenova's several offerings and DIM, to name just a few.

    We are proud to be the recipient of a large matching grant, and as of this writing, we can make generous donations in research.

    We are specifically interested at this time in developing a substantial institutional study using Gardasil and artemisinin, as described here. We are calling for proposal on this topic.

    We are also interested in supporting responsible research on the use of MMR or mumps vaccine with RRP to establish efficacy or safety.

    We are open to accepting proposal on other projects.

    When the proposals come in, we forward them to selected members of our Scientific Advisory Panel. Conflicts of interest, of course, need to be identified. Feedback from the Panel is passed to our board of directors, which will make the final determination, along with the executive director.