RRP ISA Survey Results

    (Important Disclaimer)


    Ed. note: Between 1998-2004, our in-house RRP discussion forum logged many thousands of posts (11 boards with 300-2000 posts each).  In August 2005, we separated the discussion board from our website and established the RRP Support tribe, hosted on another server. It too had hundreds of posts and almost 200 people, many of whom were health care professionals.

    The RRP Forum supplants the RRP Support tribe discussion board

    It brings everything back to our server and it also gives you the ability to define bio, post photos, etc. You can present at an individual, rather than being forced to define yourself in terms of a disease.

    It will require registration and is password protected, to help secure your privacy. After you register and have been given your password by confirmatory email, you may then post and even upload your personal items (photo, etc.). 

    Please take the time to review the "How to Use RRP Forum" category. It will explain how to use the message board.

    If you have any other questions, please drop us a line describing what particular feature of the RRP Forum is giving you trouble. Or post them on the Forum itself under the "Q&A from Users" topic.

    The RRP SHOUT BLOG will go live in the near future.

    We warmly welcome your participation.